Leather Fetish Spanking

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If your plaything loves a hard spanking or the flick of a crop, they will be quivering in anticipation when you pull out this flogger! This elegant and intimidating impact play tool consists of a sturdy woven handle that allows you to get a firm grip. The eight long tails are also woven, with loose ends that will kiss their flesh with the perfect sting! Take aim and send pleasure and pain swinging down upon your plaything with carefully measured power. Every swish will be met with a cry of agonized euphoria! The loophole at the end of the handle is perfect for storage purposes or for securing on your wrist while in use. Take your masochist to a place of heightened arousal!

Material: Synthetic Leather

Shipping from 12 to 20 business days to US. Rest of the world 17-26 days.